time management for life

How To Control Your Life and Destiny by Managing Your Time Right

Time management, is one of the most essential skills for the 21th century. With the high demand and pressure that our time and society is purging unto us, it is very important that we are able to manage our time well so we can survive the day to day trials of our time.

“How can I improve the way I manage my time?” If you are one of those persons who commonly ask this type of question, then this article is made just for you. We have listed some of the best and proven ways to improve you time management skills in order to meet the demands of our fast phased generation.

Why time management is important? Let’s put it this way: your time = your life. So in other words, time management is life management and mastering your time will help you master your life and be happy.

Improving you time management skills for a better life

time management for lifeIf you opt to excel in any company, being able to accomplish your goals on or before your deadline as well as the ability to prepare beforehand are some of the most essential factors for your promotion, these are all aspects of proper time management. In connection with this, here is a list of ways that would help you manage your time well to improve your work proficiency and lessen your stress.

#1. Set a priority task chart base on deadlines

Having a priority task chart, divided into high and low importance, will help you sort out which task should you finish first and which one should come last. Sorting out your tasks is one of the best practices for proper time management since it gives you a clear picture of what should come first and which should come last, in this way you will be able to avoid unnecessary waste of time focusing on the less important matter base on your timeline.

#2. Use N.E.T time (No Extra Time)

By utilizing your N.E.T. time, you can get a lot more done and make the most out of your day. This N.E.T time concept was introduced at Tony Robbins Date With Destiny event. For example, you can listen to audio books to improve a certain aspect of your life while running or working-out. That’s called N.E.T time.

#3. Procrastinate Procrastination

One of the biggest reasons why most people fail to manage their time well is procrastination. More often when a task is given, let’s say a week before its deadline, most people will let that project sit for a long period of time and then cram when the deadline is fast approaching; doing so will not only ruin the quality of your work but will also bring you a tremendous amount of stress. The best way to avoid all of this is to procrastinate procrastination, always prioritize your priorities, and bear in mind that finishing your tasks first will help provide you a whole lot of time to do anything else that you want to do.

#4. Have a checklist to avoid stress

One good thing about having a checklist is the fact that it provides you a relief every time you see that the pile of tasks which are given to you are now becoming fewer and fewer. Having checklist in this manner will not only make your work easier by sorting out things that should come first but will also aid you in relieving stress as you can observe things being done.

#5. Say Yes to Saying NO

In everything you do, no matter what it is, whether it’s managing your time or being in a relationship, learn to assess your capabilities and say NO if you must. When a task is being offered to you ask yourself first if you will be able to accomplish the amount of task on the length of time allotted to it or else say no, because you are most probably putting yourself into trouble.

After all of these being said, there is no length of advices or lists of recommendation that will help you manage your time well. As the famous quotation has it “action speaks louder than words” it is the strong decision and pure perseverance that can bring change into your life, so decide to act now.